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We offer first class services in prepress, design to variaty partners all over the world.

Since its founding in 2003 as a small company with an entrepreneurial spirit, m+w MediaNetworks has worked with perseverance and enthusiasm to establish its position as competitive and reliable solutions provider for both the print, web and mobile media industries. Starting as a simple outsourcing company it managed to prove that commitment, diligence and a creativity are just the right ingredients to inspire growth. At present the company employs around 250 specialists covering various fields of expertise and we are constantly looking for opportunities to find new people and talents.

m+w MediaNetworks extensive array of prepress services covers all operations and procedures that take place between the creation of a print layout or artwork and the manufacturing of final output channel. That includes vector masking, alpha masking, color correction and retouch of images, layout and colorization.

In the current days people are not restricted to specific media anymore — all of them move across multiple platforms every day. Web and mobile spaces have an important position in the life. It is as natural as electricity or mobile telephony. It's enormous potential as a future shaping engine and as means to raise customer attention is consistently altering all contemporary ways of communication and commerce. Let's face it. Web development is undoubtedly the reality that awaits us. Therefore at m+w MediaNetworks considers priority to create a broad and competitive web strategy.

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  • m+w MediaNetworks EOOD
  • 112, Skopie str., 5-th floor
  • 4004 Plovdiv, BULGARIA

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Radiana Radeva, CEO